Buy Bitcoin increasingly searched on Google

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buy bitcoin on google trends

According to Google Trends, buy bitcoin is more and more popular and on the rise on the world’s leading internet search engine.

The Bitcoin BTC halving coming soon on May 12 or the recent rise in the Bitcoin price have attracted many people to buy Bitcoin.

As we saw in an article yesterday, the CNBC Fast Money TV show talked about Bitcoin, an indication that the mainstream media are talking again about the number 1 cryptocurrency which jumped almost 20% the other day.

The Billions TV series also talks about Bitcoin in the first episode of its new season.

Therefore, all this arouses interest on the part of the general public who searches on Google for information on Bitcoin or how to buy Bitcoin.

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Google Trends therefore indicates an increase in searches for Buy Bitcoin in the United States in particular.

It is the same in other countries like on Google France, which sees the number of searches go up again in this period of economic crisis due to the Coronavirus/Covid19 and the recent rise in the BTC price which has attracted the attention of the public and the media.

Another reason for a renewed interest in Bitcoin BTC and an increase in purchases and investments in BTC, the containment and quarantine of the population.
More and more people are doing stock trading or BTC trading.

As we’ve seen in various articles, crypto exchanges like Kraken have seen their registrations increase exponentially.
Bitcoin trading with crypto trading bots and Bitcoin bots is also increasing sharply, says Kryll, one of the leaders in automated crypto trading.

Crypto exchanges like Binance or Kraken which are currently recruiting hundreds of people!

Therefore, the combination of these various economic and cyclical factors causes an increase in searches on Google about Bitcoin or how to buy BTC.

An adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies which is therefore moving forward little by little, certainly helped by the current economic crisis and the search for alternative currencies or safe havens like gold or Bitcoin!

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