Booming blockchain and crypto jobs, Binance has over 1,000 employees and is still recruiting

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Booming blockchain jobs and crypto jobs, Binance has over 1,000 employees and is still recruiting

In a message on Twitter, CEO Changpeng Zhao welcomed the passage of 1,000 employees on Binance.

Impressive figure for a company which started in 2017 and recruits en masse in the crypto and blockchain market.

While the Coronavirus/Covid19 crisis has shut down companies around the world, many of which will go bankrupt, others are not affected by the crisis.

Crypto exchanges like Kraken have seen their registrations soar due to the containment and quarantine of the population.
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And this is the case of Binance, which therefore continues to recruit worldwide, business managers, blockchain developers, sales people, country managers, customer service, Android and iOS developers, affiliate marketing, graphic designers, human resources or manager for different countries.

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The list of blockchain and crypto jobs available at Binance is very long, you can see the full list on their site: click here.

Binance is already a giant in the crypto sector and is rising to the height of GAFA companies like Google, Amazon.

World leader among crypto exchanges, Binance therefore continues its global expansion, it could thus benefit from the current economic crisis, layoffs and unemployed who will sweep the job market.

Many crypto and blockchain startups are also in difficulty, like in the crypto valley in Zug, Switzerland, where 80% of crypto startups are threatened with bankruptcy.

Growing blockchain and crypto companies will hire this skilled and still scarce workforce in this booming sector.

Crypto exchanges like Binance or Kraken are therefore taking advantage of the current situation with renewed interest in trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

Despite a current economic crisis, there are therefore many jobs and jobs to be filled in the crypto sector like at Binance which celebrates its passage of 1000 employees.