Bitcoin price exceeds all-time high, Ethereum price goes back above $600

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Bitcoin price exceeds all-time high, Ethereum price goes back above $600

An eventful November that ends with a Bitcoin BTC price which surpassed its all-time high reaching 19,863 dollars on Kraken and Binance !

A previous record which was $19,660 on an exchange like Bitstamp in December 2017.

An ATH that varies according to crypto exchanges, a Bitcoin price which has therefore approached 20,000 dollars, a symbolic figure to be crossed and which opens the door to new heights for BTC.

bitcoin price over all time high 2020

While some analysts did not see Bitcoin returning to its all-time high reached three years ago, the BTC price did not wait until December 2020 to cross this essential milestone and go higher thereafter.

Bitcoin is currently enjoying a lot of positive news, especially the arrival of institutional investors who are now investing part of their capital in BTC.


The financial giant Guggenheim wants to buy Bitcoin for 500 million dollars!

Faced with this mass arrival of institutional investors, the demand for BTC tokens is increasing, resulting in the rise in the Bitcoin price which therefore exceeded its historic high yesterday.

An event that portends a renewed interest in Bitcoin to be expected in the coming months, both from professional investors and also from individuals who will take an interest in the number 1 cryptocurrency on the market.

The passage of 20,000 dollars is an essential first milestone, we are still far from the euphoria of the end of 2017 and we will therefore have to wait for the Bitcoin price to reach new heights before the general public rushes again to buy Bitcoin and altcoins.

The media and the press have taken note of the new high of Bitcoin, a media ad that is expected to once again draw the attention of the general public to BTC and cryptocurrencies.

Altcoins await their turn

With attention and purchases focused on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies do not particularly move as they often do during a large rise in the price of BTC.

If the Ethereum price has returned to 600 dollars, the rest of the altcoin market is still very static.

ethereum price over 600

Bitcoin is almost at $20,000, the highest ETH token price reached in early 2018 is around $1,500!
Ethereum is due to launch the first phase of its evolution to ETH 2.0 today.


The same goes for the Litecoin LTC price which had reached the price of 375 dollars at the end of 2017 or the Ripple XRP price at almost 4 dollars in early 2018.

These cryptocurrencies which have a significant capitalization after that of Bitcoin should be the first to benefit from this new bull market.

Then come the smaller crypto-currencies which are sometimes still at -80% of their prices at the end of 2017!

A crypto market, however, in the green but which will certainly have to wait a while before feeling the positive effects of the Bitcoin price which has just exceeded its all-time high.

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