Bitcoin Appears In Land Rover Video To Celebrate 50 Years Of Range Rover

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Bitcoin Appears In Land Rover Video To Celebrate 50 Years Of Range Rover

We weren’t expecting to see it there but Land Rover mentioned Bitcoin in its 50th anniversary video of the Range Rover SUV.

The first Range Rover model was released on the market in 1970.

A reference in luxury SUV vehicles, the Range Rover is already celebrating its half century of existence.

For this anniversary, Land Rover has therefore released a video that traces the last 50 years and the events that have marked these last 5 decades.

For each year displayed, an important event that occurred that year is mentioned.
For the year 2009, Land Rover has therefore chosen to mention the creation of the Bitcoin BTC network!

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Nice surprise to see the cryptocurrency cited in this anniversary video on Youtube, proof that blockchain and Bitcoin are making history.

Various and original events are cited in the Land Rover video as:

1972 Mark Spitz wins 7 gold medals at the Olympic Games.
1996 Cloning of the Dolly sheep.
1981 The launch of MTV.
1989 The Berlin Wall collapses.
1997 The power of girls conquers the world.
2005 The first video published on YouTube.

The Bitcoin protocol was published by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 but the first block of the Bitcoin BTC blockchain was mined by Satoshi on January 3, 2009.

An event that can also be found on Wikipedia which cites the creation of Bitcoin in 2009.

A mention by Land Rover which will certainly please the Bitcoin and crypto community.

A Bitcoin price currently around $9,372 after all these years since its creation.