partners with Changelly to facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrency on its crypto exchange

Share this article: launched its crypto exchange in September 2019 as announced in an article on Bitcoin Crypto Advice. has nothing to do with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC) but belongs to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a cryptocurrency derived from the real Bitcoin BTC (Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a fork of Bitcoin BTC).

To further facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies or to allow the swap of tokens (exchange of tokens between them), the crypto exchange announced in an interview with BlockTV a partnership with Changelly.

This partnership between and Changelly should allow to display the best prices of cryptocurrency in real time on thanks to the Changelly API which will be a broker for
The idea for is to allow its users to be able to buy cryptocurrency at the best prices on the crypto market.

The crypto exchange claims about 18,000 users, there would be 5 million wallets created since 2017. said in the interview:

“We are excited to partner with Changelly to make crypto more accessible.
Changelly will make it even easier for novice traders to buy their first crypto currency and for more advanced users, the integration will instantly switch between different cryptocurrencies at the best rate on the market.
In addition, Changelly will help us increase the reach of all SLP tokens that are exclusively listed on our exchange.”

Stefan Rust, CEO of added:

“In the coming years, we are certain that millions of additional people will open new wallets with us, many of whom are crypto beginners who choose portfolios as their first crypto wallet.”

A partnership with Changelly which should therefore improve the trading and the purchase of cryptocurrency on this crypto exchange.
Changelly, which can be found in the same type of partnership on the Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet, it allows users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies directly on MyEtherWallet crypto wallet or to swap tokens (direct exchange between cryptocurrencies).