is going to launch its own crypto exchange in September 2019 is going to launch its own crypto exchange in September 2019.

Let’s remind us that has nothing to do with the real Bitcoin but is affiliated to Bitcoin Cash. is about to launch next month a new cryptocurrency exchange that will complement its current products and services focused on Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash of course.

In a press release on July 31, 2019, said that the platform named, which will be launched on September 2nd 2019, will offer a user-friendly space with a simple and clear interface so that navigation is very simple , but also an increased fluidity and a powerful matching engine to delay faster and without slowdowns.

One more crypto exchange in the race
Commenting on the upcoming launch, Roger Ver, Executive Chairman of, said:

“We are still striving to make Bitcoin Cash and other digital assets more accessible to everyone. Last June, we launched where you can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash in particular. Now, with the exchange, you can diversify your cryptocurrency wallet, too.”

The exchange will trade some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether (USDT). Nearly 50 pairs are planned for the release of the platform in September 2019.

The exchange has planned the support of tokens SLP – Simple Ledger Protocol – soon.
These SLP tokens will coexist with the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash and will be directly tradable on the platform. Sharing his point of view on the SLP, Roger Ver said they are about to create something extremely interesting with these tokens:

“We are on the eve of something very exciting with the SLP tokens.
This is the beginning of a world where we can all tokenize and, as people realize the potential that it will bring them, they will start asking for a place to exchange their tokens. That’s why we will support the SLP tokens on the exchange. ”

Users who pre-register for the exchange may receive benefits, including a 25% discount on trading fees during the first three months.
They can also win prizes worth more than $10,000 through a draw, but for this, users must perform at least one trade in the first week after the launch of the exchange.

Change of activity for Roger Ver.
In another statement, Roger Ver resigned from his position as CEO of to fill the position of executive chairman.
According to the information available on the website, Stefan Rust is a new CEO, he was previously the director of development and business affairs.

Rust commented on:

“I am very excited about taking on the role of CEO alongside Roger.
Together, we can now boost the great team and the great brand represents. We will play a full role so that everyone can benefit from this important and crucial change in society. It’s going to be a hectic adventure, so do not miss it.”

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