Bitboy Crypto recommends Mybit and pumps its price 500%!

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Bitboy Crypto recommends Mybit and pumps its price 500%

With the Bitcoin price moving up, the crypto market is getting back on track and we see some blockchain projects coming back to life like Mybit.

A promising ICO in 2017 that did not expect to face a hard bear market and ran out of money to keep on going through these difficult years.

Still, Mybit had delivered a working platform where assets can be financed through the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to get paid directly in cryptocurrency if their investment in any asset is making money.

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Nowadays, the team members left working on the Mybit platform are looking to release Mybit 2.0 in september 2020.

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An update that should include new assets such as Bitcoin ATMs, users will be able to invest in these machines and get paid interest through the Ethererum blockchain.

Mybit would allow users to fund a new Bitcoin ATM and share the revenue later on, through the Mybit platform that will pay every user on their crypto wallet.

The youtuber Bitboy Crypto has noticed this sleeping gem and talked about it in one of his last videos, explaining what is Mybit and why it could be a good investment with a bull market coming back soon.

Explaining what is Mybit and why people should buy this token in the perspective of future gains, the Mybit price went up 500% on Coinmarketcap!

mybit price up 500%

With a bull market coming up for Bitcoin, some blockchain projects will be rediscovered after this long bear market.

Many crypto projects are still working such as Omisego, Pillar, etc… They barely have delivered anything but are still there so is the Mybit project.

Mybit holders will have to wait until september so see Mybit 2.0 and if it will attract new investors.