Binance iOS App Officially Listed on Apple App Store

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Binance iOS App Officially Listed on Apple App Store

Binance iOS App Officially Listed on Apple App Store!

The Binance Mobile app for Iphone is available again on the Apple App Store!

Good news, after a long period of absence since May 2019, the Binance mobile application for Iphone IOS is again available for download from the Apple Store.
The official announcement has been posted on the Binance website:

For a period of time, Binance’s mobile app for IOS was actually missing from the Apple App Store, certainly for technical or legal reasons.

The Binance Mobile App for Iphone is now officially downloadable on the Apple App Store.


Recall that when a mobile application is not officially listed on the Apple App Store, an iPhone or a mobile device running on IOS will refuse to download a mobile application that seems suspicious and not listed on the official Apple store, the App Store.

Binance’s mobile app for Android and Iphone is a great app just to follow the Bitcoin Price or other cryptocurrency in real time.
The Binance Mobile Application is very well done, clear and fast interface on Iphone and Android.

Binance iphone app

And if you want to do crypto trading on mobile or iPhone, the Binance mobile app works very well and is very fast to buy and sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

You can now download the official Binance Mobile App for Iphone on the Apple App Store:

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