BAKKT has launched its Bitcoin Futures business!

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BAKKT has launched its Bitcoin Futures business

BAKKT has launched its Bitcoin Futures business!

In a message on Twitter, BAKKT announced it was live and made its first Bitcoin Futures transaction.

“We’re live!”

“The first Bakkt Bitcoin Futures trade was executed at 8:02pm ET at a price of $10,115” said BAKKT on its Twitter account.

The launch of Bitcoin Futures with Bakkt has started well before Monday, September 23 as planned.
BAKKT is a Bitcoin Futures platform created in 2018 by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
BAKKT has also partnered with several organizations to create its platform, including the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Microsoft and Starbucks.


The BAKKT platform is eagerly awaited, the crypto community and traders are scrutinizing Bitcoin’s price to see the effects that the launch of BAKKT will have on the Bitcoin price that is not moving at present, as Asian markets have already opened in Japan or Korea in particular.

Asian markets that are very active in Bitcoin trading, with the Japanese Yen being the second most important currency in Bitcoin trading after the US dollar.

BAKKT posted another message on twitter after announcing that it had started its activity ahead of Monday, September 23, 2019.

“Bakkt Bitcoin Futures are now actively trading on ICE Futures U.S., while the Bakkt Warehouse continues to onboard bitcoin

We take our customers’ trust seriously, and are excited to serve this market” says the post.

The Bitcoin price is now just under $10,000.

The question is of course the reaction of the American market that will open on Monday even if crypto exchanges are open 24/7, BAKKT made its first Bitcoin Futures transaction on a Sunday when the majority of people do not work.

Monday will see the reopening of offices for traditional trading companies, investment funds, hedge funds, etc…

The first transaction of Bitcoin Futures on BAKKT can be symbolic to celebrate the start of its activity before giving way to Bitcoin trading in larger volumes.
The crypto community is waiting to see if the answer to the launch of BAKKT will be a pump or dump of the Bitcoin price.
Or if nothing special is going to happen in the end, answer when the American markets open.