A Game of Thrones actor joins a vegan project that launches its own cryptocurrency!

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A Game of Thrones actor joins a vegan project that launches its own cryptocurrency!

Jerome Flynn, the actor who plays “Bronn” in the TV series Game of Thrones, has joined the advisory board of a vegan project that has launched its own cryptocurrency, according to a recent report by Coindesk.

VeganNation is a vegetarian lifestyle project aimed at creating a “fully functioning ecosystem” of support for vegan. It is a platform for the exchange of products and services classified as “100% humane”.

However, there is something else that stands out from the project, which is what they called the “vegan economy”, which will be stimulated by the launch of a traceable digital currency called Vegan Coin.

According to the “green book”, by analogy with the “white paper” published by companies, the token was launched in presale at the end of April with 10% of revenue to encourage its validators, they call ” tidy.”

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Flynn says he’s been a vegetarian for 35 years and vegan for five years.
In addition, he is a regular protector of animal rights as the head of the Vegetarian Society in the UK, which is attended by other well-known personalities such as Paul and Stella McCartney.

In a press release shared with the news agency, Flynn said that VeganCoin will encourage many people to become vegan:

“Vegan Nation is the foundation of an international vegan economy that makes vegan life more simple, cheaper and better for the Earth and the soul of all of us.
VeganCoin will allow many more to become vegan and will help reduce our ecological footprint.

Vegan life requires high standards that are often difficult to corroborate.
That’s why VeganNation was born, which seeks to trace the origin of food or products through its platform.
In this way, 100% vegan and humane consumers can be guaranteed.

It will include a product market, an online social network and an app for devices compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.