A British citizen lost his life savings in a Bitcoin scam!

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A British citizen lost his life savings in a Bitcoin scam

A British citizen lost his life savings in a Bitcoin scam!

The scammers fooled the victim for 18 months, prompting him to finally hand over his savings of 1.2 million Pounds (1.5 million Dollars), local press reported.
The criminals promised the victim to return 15 times the amount of his investment.

According to reports, the criminal organization contacted the victim after asking questions about Bitcoin online.
He was led to believe that the company was offering legitimate Bitcoin investments.
In the next 18 months, criminals tricked the victim into asking him to invest more.

“He was led to believe that returns would be 15 times greater than the amount of investment and criminals have used the names of well-known companies in the UK to convince him.
The requests for additional funds would be related to taxes and fees imposed in foreign countries where the original funds were sent”, said a spokesman for the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Unfortunately for the victim, investigators from the UK National Crime Agency said it’s unlikely to recover the funds.


Mike Jones, Director of Policy and Risk for the Jersey Financial Services Commission, said in a statement:
“After this great loss of the inhabitants of the island, we warn local residents to be more vigilant when they invest in cryptocurrency if it sounds too good to be true.
And if it promises high returns without risk.
Always seek the advice of an independent professional and make sure that the company you are dealing with is legitimate.”

The gang of scammers apparently operated from Norway, but investigators say there is evidence that the money has been transferred to bank accounts around the world.

As said in this report, when it’s too good to be true, there’s a scam behind it.
There is nothing magic to make money easily, do your own research before investing your money in Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies or any other type of investment.