75% of Americans know about Bitcoin cryptocurrency

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75% of Americans know about Bitcoin cryptocurrency

75% of Americans know about Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

This is what we learn in an interesting statistical study by the company Yougov.

Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that comes first and is the most well known cryptocurrency.
The statistical study indicates that 81% of Americans are familiar with at least one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin BTC is the first in this ranking.

Surprisingly, Ethereum comes after Bitcoin Cash with Bitcoin Cash (24%) and Ethereum (17%).
Certainly because Bitcoin Cash is perceived more like a trading currency or payment method in crypto whereas the Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) has more the image of software and blockchain technology.

Ripple XRP and Litecoin (LTC) are the cryptocurrencies that come next, we find the top 5 cryptocurrencies as the most popular crypto tokens with the population.


The study also answers the question who buys cryptocurrencies?

The answer is the millenials, ie the new generation, young people are more keen to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
This makes sense because we are talking about a new technology that young people are more likely to discover than the older generations accustomed to their modes of consumption and payment for decades.

The figures indicate that only 18% of American adults would have bought a cryptocurrency the previous year when this figure doubles to almost 35% of millenials or young people who have bought a cryptocurrency!

The new generation sees the future in cryptocurrency and consider it a good investment while adults or older generations will be more cautious with this new volatile asset and still very speculative.

In general, all people think that cryptocurrencies will become a general means of payment in the future.

Regarding the Dollar and the future of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, 56% do not want to see the dollar replaced by Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

The statistical study is of course limited to a sample of the American population, the figures still give a current idea of ​​the perception of cryptocurrencies by the population.